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Paying Rent for the Courtroom. The “Trial Penalty”.

Plea Bargain

Most criminal cases in both state and Federal courts are concluded by pleas of guilty to an offense negotiated by defense counsel and the prosecutor, commonly known as “plea bargaining”. Most guilty pleas are hardly “bargains” but are necessary since there are not enough judges to try every case – not even close. Pleas are usually compromises between the prosecution and the defense after a consideration of the facts and law in each case.

Sometimes, pleas are rejected by defendants because they are actually innocent, or because they believe that the prosecution cannot prove guilt beyond and to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt. They want and insist upon a trial. Of course, it is everyone’s absolute right to demand a trial by jury and to reject plea offers by the prosecution, and sometimes by state court judges.

The problem is that in almost every case when a person chooses to go to trail and is convicted, they receive a much higher sentence than had they taken the plea offered to them. In other words, they pay “rent for the courtroom”. It is incredibly unfair, and it happens every day in courts all over the United States.

With the unfairness of the criminal justice system, you need serious criminal defense lawyers to represent you and guide you through the system. My colleagues and I have been successfully representing persons charged with crimes for many years. We represent people all over the country, in state and federal courts. Call us so we can help you.

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