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What Is a Federal Grand Jury Investigation?

Grand Jury

A Federal grand jury is a group of citizens who, after they listen to the prosecutor and the prosecutor’s witnesses, vote on whether they believe that enough evidence exists to charge a person with a crime.

Don’t ever believe that grand juries are fair. They will almost always vote to indict whoever the prosecutors want them to. Of course, when police are under investigation, prosecutors usually present the cases to the grand jurors in such a way as to insure that the police are not charged. Grand juries only hear what the prosecutors want them to hear; the presentations are almost always one-sided, with the defendant not being represented. Defense attorneys are not permitted in the grand jury rooms. There is a saying that “grand juries will indict a ham sandwich”; it’s true.

Grand juries should be abolished. They serve no purpose other than to aid prosecutors. They are not fair. They are designed not to be fair. Prosecutors take full advantage of the grand jury law which essentially gives prosecutors full control over the grand juries. The original purpose of grand juries was to protect citizens from unfair charges by the government, but not anymore.

If you are the subject or target of a federal grand jury investigation, it is absolutely essential that you retain an experienced criminal defense lawyer to represent you through the treacherous waters of grand jury investigations.

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