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Miami Professional Licensure Attorney

As a professional, your reputation is everything. An arrest or conviction can damage your standing not only in the public eye, but also before the governing board that holds your license and which may be particularly sensitive to any public perception of wrongdoing by one of its members. At Jeffrey S. Weiner, P.A., we understand what is at stake and work hard to protect not just your liberty but your livelihood as well. Contact our Miami professional licensure attorneys today.

Disclosures of Criminal Convictions and Background Checks

It is not uncommon for a job application to require the applicant to disclose recent prior felony convictions. When one is applying for a professional license, however, the criminal background check is typically much more extensive, often going back for several years and checking several jurisdictions, even nationwide. Although not all convictions will necessarily result in a denial of your application for a license, if you have any convictions covered by a question on your application, you must disclose them. Otherwise, your application will most likely be automatically declined since you were not truthful.

Even misconduct from your college days can come back to haunt you. Violation of campus rules against cheating, fighting, drinking or other infractions may be viewed as indicators of dishonesty or moral turpitude and cause your application to be rejected. As a firm that is frequently engaged in the defense of college students charged with criminal offenses or disciplinary violations, Jeffrey S. Weiner, P.A. understands how to deal with these charges and their consequences.

Your attorney may be able to help with a records clearance

Certain convictions or pleas can after a time be removed from your record. There are methods in place to seal or expunge records, and if you are acquitted, you may be able to obtain a declaration of factual innocence. Depending upon the type of records clearance you obtain, you may be able to answer questions about arrests or convictions in the negative without fear of giving an answer that will be contradicted by a criminal records search or background check. If you are concerned about how incidents from your past may be reported, contact an experienced Florida criminal defense attorney about records clearance options which may be available to you.

If you are currently a licensed professional, you know that an arrest or allegation of professional misconduct can jeopardize your career and lead to the suspension or revocation of your license. Our office provides comprehensive defense of criminal charges as well as representation at grievances or disciplinary hearings to help you keep your license and the right to practice your chosen profession.

Get Help with Your Florida Professional Licensure Issues from an Experienced Miami Criminal Defense Attorney

The law office of Jeffrey Weiner is experienced in the representation of doctors, lawyers and other licensed professionals, as well as amateur and professional athletes and law enforcement agents, who are charged with criminal misconduct and face professional sanctions from their licensing board. You have invested too much time and money on schooling and professional training to be denied the right to practice your profession due to allegations of misconduct. Don’t give up without a fight. Contact Jeffrey S. Weiner, P.A. for advice and assistance from a qualified and experienced Miami professional licensure attorney who can help you get or keep your license.

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