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Judges issue warrants for a variety of reasons, including authorizing searches of your home or office, seizing property, or to place someone under arrest. If an arrest warrant is signed for your arrest, law enforcement officers can place you under arrest. In most cases, officers or Federal agents will come to your home or place of work to arrest you. Sometimes, for minor offenses, they may not act until they identify you during a traffic stop. Ideally, if charges are filed against you, we can arrange a surrender to avoid you being arrested in your home or at your business.

Answering the door or being pulled over by a police officer or Federal agent only to suddenly find yourself in handcuffs can be a jarring and frightening experience. It is also common for a person not to be even aware that there has been an arrest warrant issued against them. If you suspect that there is a warrant for you, it is not wise to ignore the situation. An arrest warrant will not simply disappear – you will be placed under arrest sooner rather than later. You should contact us immediately; we can help you deal with the warrant and the related legal issues. Remember, you may not lawfully resist an arrest. The time to address the legal issues is in court – not with the arresting officers or agents while they are arresting you.

Reasons For An Arrest Warrant

Warrants directing your immediate arrest are issued for many different reasons. For example, a warrant may be issued for one or more of the following reasons:

  • A law enforcement agency or the prosecutor’s office believes it has “probable cause” that you committed a criminal offense.
  • You failed to appear at a scheduled court date (including traffic court), or failed to pay a fine or complete a program ordered by a court.
  • Another county is seeking you for an outstanding case.
  • Another state is seeking you for an outstanding case.
  • Another country is seeking you for an outstanding felony charge.
  • You failed to pay child support.
  • You have been accused of violating one or more terms of your state parole, probation, or Federal supervised release.

Regardless of the reason for your arrest warrant, it is important to be proactive about the situation and speak to our criminal defense lawyers at Jeffrey S. Weiner, P.A. as soon as possible.

Arrest Warrants Are Typically Accompanied by a Search Warrant

Our criminal defense attorneys have experience handling arrest and search warrants and will assist you in many different ways.

Our Miami based arrest and search warrant lawyers can help you with:

  • Determining whether you have any existing arrest warrants and the legal and factual reasons for them being issued.
  • Getting your bail bond to be as low as possible – ideally securing your release on a “promise to appear”, also called a personal surety bond. If you are arrested on a Federal charge, you will appear before a United States Magistrate Judge for a bond hearing and we will be with you.
  • Getting the warrant quashed.
  • Deciding whether you should surrender to law enforcement and under what terms and conditions, to ensure that you are released from custody as quickly as possible without posting a bond with a low bond.
  • Representing you and protecting your rights during all communications with law enforcement officers or Federal agents, if any. Our absolute, strongest advice to our clients is to be polite, do not resist, and DO NOT speak with law enforcement officers or Federal agents. You have the right to remain silent – use that right! We will advise our clients when and if they should communicate with law enforcement, with us guiding you and being with you throughout the process.
  • Defending you throughout every phase of your criminal case.

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Case Victories

Fully Prepared to Get the Best Possible Results in Each Case
  • Drug Crime Case Dismissed

    Client was federally indicted with multiple counts of importing heroin, cocaine and marijuana into the United States.

  • Sex Crime No Jail or Prison Time

    Sex crime and restraining order.

  • DUI & Traffic Case Dismissed

    A foreign national was cited for improper lane change and no driver license while visiting the United States.

  • DUI & Traffic Minimum Mandatory Sentence Waived

    Our client, a foreign national, was charged with leaving the scene of an accident involving a death and tampering with a witness.

  • Warrant & Investigation Forfeited Money Returned

    Warrants and investigation.

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