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Miami, FL Has Golf Fields Like No Other

Miami, FL, is a Golf loving City.

Miami residents love golfing with a vast number of golf fields, 14 in number. This clearly shows how the people of Miami appreciate the sport from both high-end courses and for the entry-level golfers, all have a chance to experience golfing, and you will not feel misplaced if you are willing to start golfing. Click here for facts about Miami, FL.

Miniature Golf To Get Started

Miami has miniature Golf for beginners like Palmetto Mini Golf with an 18-hole course. It is very affordable with a great ambience amid the tropical foliage, water hazards, a cave and waterfalls to spice the process up and to make you feel at ease. Information about Miami, FL is an Accommodating City can be found here.

Play in Professional Golf Courses

For the big boys who want professional courses and top competition, you will feel at home in Miami and Miami Shore Country Club is an excellent example. It has a unique ambience with oak trees and a view of the Biscayne canal. If you need a break, it has a bar and grill for you to enjoy while viewing the golf course and a wide variety of wines and single malt scotches. As a golfer or a potential golfer, Miami is an excellent place to visit or live in.