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Criminal Appeals, Post-Conviction and Prison Issues

Clients in the broader South Florida, United States, tend to be subjected to stringent trial practices during the proceedings. Over the four decades that Jeffrey S. Weiner, P.A., and his office have been in service, we have recorded significant success in matters of state and federal appeals and post-conviction matters. Our Miami Felony lawyers have made it their mission to approach these cases very differently from how a defense is prepared and argued in the trial court. An appeal will be based on the record in the trial court, requiring an attorney to recognize errors committed by the prosecution, defense counsel, and trial judge during all phases of the proceedings, including pre-trial motions, which were denied by the trial judge. Learn more facts here.

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Assault is the type of crime that takes place when the defendant unleashes a wave of violence against the victim. Attempted physical abuse is known as assault. Assault charges do not necessarily imply that the beating or violence took place, but rather is intended to take place. Crime using a weapon attracts a higher penalty as it is regarded as aggravated assault. As a Miami felony lawyer Jeffrey S. Weiner, P.A. has strived to make sure that all his clients get the fairness they deserve from the American justice system. Read about Hire Our Miami Drug Lawyers Today here.