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Hire Our Miami DUI Attorney

Have you ever been arrested due to any traffic of driving-related offenses? If yes, then you are the right candidate to be a client to our Miami DUI attorneys. Whenever one is arrested for driving under the influence or any other DUI related offenses, it is prudent to seek the best defense when it comes to finding legal representation. Jeffrey S. Weiner, P.A., is the only firm dedicated to practicing DUI exclusively in the broader Miami area. This focus gives us an edge in the courtroom due to our familiarity with the local courts and our thorough understanding of Florida’s DUI laws. Our lawyers can build the strong defense that your case needs, no matter what type of DUI case you are facing. Find further facts here.

How Do We help you Fight Your DUI?

If you sincerely believe that there is no probable cause of pulling you over a DUI arrest, then it is possible to file a motion to suppress. This could ultimately result in dismissal of the case. We waste no time in creating an aggressive strategy that can help save your license, protect your freedom, and safeguard your future. From meticulous investigations to challenging breathalyzer results or questioning police tactics, we do everything possible to champion your side of the story. Contact us at Miami DUI attorney today. Read about Why You Should Hire Our Miami Murder Defense Lawyer here.