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Hialeah Is A Historic Town

One for The History Lovers

As compared to its neighboring cities, Hialeah was more rural and less developed for quite a long time. Incorporated in 1948, horse farms were in plenty for quite some time before city planners took aggressive action that led to the town’s growth. Today, there is a population of well over thirty thousand, but it still holds a great deal of history. Here are some of the historic sites in the area. Find more information here.

Monastery of St. Bernard de Clairvaux

A fun fact about this Spanish monastery was that it was constructed nearly eight hundred years ago on a different continent before winding up on its current site. After centuries of conflict that led to ruin and despair, an American media magnate purchased the monastery, and it was then disassembled, shipped to the US, and reconstructed. The rebuild took many years and led to the monastery being likened to the largest 3D Jigsaw. Fascinating right? See here for information about Goulds Is A Foodie’s Paradise.

South Beach Holocaust Memorial

Conceived in the 80s by a group of holocaust survivors and civic-minded citizens, the site features exciting art and architecture, a memorial wall, and a few designated places for quiet reflection. Most guests have identified it as the poignant site they visited while in the area.