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Massad Ayoob's newest book, Deadly Force - Understanding Your Right To Self Defense

Self defense is a God-given right that we all enjoy. But, in our so-called civilized society, statutes (laws enacted by Congress or state legislatures) govern the use of deadly force. And, unfortunately, local politics play a big part in who gets arrested and charged with a serious crime for using deadly force when defending themselves.

I trained with Mas Ayoob for many years; he is a master! I was honored when he asked me to write the Foreword to his latest book. I highly recommend the book to judges, criminal defense lawyers, prosecutors, law enforcement agents, local police officers and all civilians who own guns or knives.

If you own deadly weapons, it is essential that you fully understand not only the proper use of the weapons, but the ramifications of drawing or using it. When can you draw a weapon? What if you use the weapon? What happens after you shoot the weapon? What – if anything – do you say to the police if you shoot someone? Do you have a duty to retreat? What is the “castle doctrine”? What do the “stand your ground” laws actually mean? Those are just a few of the topics covered in Massad’s book.

The bottom line is this: read the book and be certain that you have the services of an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney who understands weapons and the laws involving the use and possession of them. Being a criminal defense attorney does mean that he or she has expertise in the law of the use of deadly force.

Call and set up an appointment with the lawyer or lawyers that you wish to meet and go meet him or her or them. Ask questions of them after you have read Massad’s book to satisfy yourself that they are really knowledgeable. Then ask if you can retain them to be available should you need their services.

After many years of deadly force training, and forty one years as a criminal defense lawyer handling deadly force cases all over the United States, I will be pleased to meet with you. Please feel free to call my law offices at (305) 670-9919 and set up an appointment.

Thanks for reading this, and most importantly, stay safe! Avoid problems whenever possible. And, if you must use deadly force, do it properly and effectively and then follow legal advice as to what you should do and say.

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