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When you first are learning to drive, you were likely taught what to do in the event of a car accident – you pull over, exchange information with any other drivers or witnesses, and call 911 if necessary. Many people involved in crashes often end up waiting at the scene of the accident for an extended period of time until everything has been addressed and settled. If someone fails to stop after an accident, it is not only potentially disrespectful to other drivers, but it can also result in criminal charges for that driver.

The crime of leaving the scene of an accident is also commonly referred to as “hit and run.” The offense carries serious penalties for the driver who allegedly left the scene and these penalties can vary in each individual case. The most important thing to know if you have been accused of leaving the scene of an accident is that you should consult with a skilled Miami hit and run attorney as soon as possible to help you with your case.

Consequences of Leaving the Scene

The way leaving the scene of an accident may be charged and the potential penalties depend on the circumstances of the crash.

For example:

  • Leaving the scene of an accident that caused property damage is a second degree misdemeanor and a conviction can mean a $500 fine and up to 60 days in jail;
  • Leaving the scene of an accident that caused injuries to another person is a third degree felony and a conviction can mean a $5,000 fine and up to 5 years in prison;
  • Leaving the scene of an accident that caused the death of another person can be charged as a first degree felony, carrying a potential punishment of $10,000 fine and up to 30 years behind bars.

As you can see, leaving the scene of an accident can change your entire life if another person died or was seriously injured. Whether you truly believed you had a justified reason to leave the scene, or you were wrongfully accused, you need an aggressive defense attorney representing you and protecting your rights.

How a Lawyer Can Help

A skilled lawyer can help in many ways in your hit and run criminal case. First, an attorney can present any legal defenses that may apply in your case. The most common defense is often that you had no idea that an accident occurred, so did not know you needed to stop. In addition, your attorney can argue that it was a different vehicle that left the scene. In addition to presenting legal defenses, a lawyer can plea bargain with prosecutors for a reduced charge or sentence.

Contact a Miami Hit & Run Lawyer Today

If you have been accused of leaving the scene of an accident, you should speak with an attorney immediately. The outcome of a case like this can have a significant impact on your future, so it is critical to maximize your chances of obtaining a favorable result.

To schedule a free consultation with a Miami criminal defense attorney, call the law office of Jeffrey S. Weiner, P.A. today at (305) 670-9919.

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