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Criminal Charges for Fake Vaccine Cards

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Issues related to the COVID-19 vaccine have become top of mind for many people. While some were quick to get the shot, others have been hesitant or actively against getting vaccinated. In Florida, it is illegal for businesses or other entities to ask for proof of vaccination status. However, other states have already begun putting mandates in place that require businesses or events to check each guest’s proof of vaccination in order to enter. As a significant number of Americans are still not vaccinated, there has been increasing talk of using fake vaccination cards to get around these restrictions. Let’s discuss what may be at risk if you are found in possession of a fake vaccination card.

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Federal Law for Fake Documents

According to the FBI, fake vaccination cards are a crime under federal law. It is illegal to buy, use, or sell fraudulent documents that display a federal agency’s seal.

The FBI has advised people not to:

  • Purchase fake vaccine cards
  • Make your own vaccine cards
  • Fill in blank vaccine cards with false information


If you create, sell, or use a fake vaccine card that includes the Department of Health and Human Services and/or CDC logos, you could be charged with a federal crime. This is an offense punishable by up to 5 years in prison.

Additionally, you could face felony forgery charges depending on the laws in your state. Forgery charges could result from editing a legitimate vaccine card to show untrue information.

Vaccine Card Fraud Lawyer

If you are facing federal charges for creating or using a fake vaccination card, you need strong and experienced defense on your side. These cases are being pursued aggressively to deter others from using the same method to avoid restrictions. Our team at Jeffrey S. Weiner, P.A. has a deep understanding of federal fraud laws and can defend you against fake vaccine card charges. Call us today at (305) 985-6640 to share the details of your case with our white-collar crime attorneys.