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If Police Officers or Federal Agents Knock at My Door with a Search Warrant or an Arrest Warrant, What Should I Do?

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A search warrant is a formal order issued by a judge, that allows police officers or Federal agents to enter a residence or business, or to arrest someone. A search warrant allows officers or agents to enter a location without your permission to search for specific items that law enforcement believes is evidence of criminal conduct. An arrest warrant allows officers or agents to take you into custody. There is nothing you can say at that time to stop a search or an arrest; therefore, do not resist a search or an arrest. You cannot lawfully resist the execution of a search warrant or an arrest warrant.

Florida law provides that officers or agents may break open any outer door, inner door, or window of a house to execute the warrant if, after “due notice” of the officer’s authority and purpose, he or she is refused admittance. The officer or agent may dispense with the requirement to “knock and announce” where their peril would be increased if they demand entrance and state the purpose, or where they have a justified belief that destruction of evidence is being attempted.

You need a top criminal defense lawyer to represent you if you are the subject of a search or an arrest warrant. Do not resist a search or an arrest and do not talk to the police. Simply call us so that we may quickly and properly represent you.

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