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How Do I Know If I Am Being Investigated for Federal Charges?


Prior to Federal charges being filed against an individual or a business entity, a Federal investigation will have taken place. That investigation by the FBI or other Federal law enforcement agencies, may take many months or in some cases, years, before the government brings Federal charges. Federal investigations tend to be conducted in semi-secrecy. Documents and reports in the investigation are confidential during the investigative phase of the case and the target or subject of the investigation may not even be aware that he or she is under investigation.

An individual frequently only finds out of the pending Federal investigation when a Federal prosecutor notifies the individual that he is the target of an investigation through a target letter, or when Federal agents make telephone or in person contact with the target, the subject or with potential witnesses who then alert the target. Talking with the agents without counsel is almost always a mistake.

In whatever circumstances you learn that you are being investigated, whether you are targeted, or arrested for Federal charges, it is essential that you have a first-class criminal defense lawyer representing you. Contact our experienced Federal criminal defense lawyers at Jeffrey S. Weiner, P.A. immediately. The sooner you call us-the more we can do for you.

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