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Physicians and Pharmacists: Illegal Dispensing of Controlled Substances

Physicians and Pharmacists

The criminal defense lawyers in our law firm have represented too many physicians and pharmacists in the last few years, as the Federal government has cracked down on what prosecutors believe is over-prescribing of controlled drugs, usually pain medication.

The fact that the physician is lawfully able to prescribe the medication does not necessarily provide a defense if the quantity of pills or medication exceeded a generally accepted standard of medical practice. Often, physicians are indicted for not properly examining patients and their medical history before prescribing the controlled substances, usually in large quantities. Those pills are typically abused and/or resold, illegally.

Pharmacists are held to a higher standard than a non-licensed professional. A pharmacist may not “look the other way” and simply fill prescriptions and dispense controlled drugs without exercising due professional care.

Convictions carry significant penalties. It is essential that you be well-represented early on by knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys who understand health care prosecutions and how to effectively defend persons who are arrested and charged.

If you are visited by FBI agents or other Federal agents, we strongly advise you to respectfully decline to talk with them and call us BEFORE talking with law enforcement agents. It is almost never a good idea to talk before retaining competent criminal defense counsel.

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