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How Much Time Will I Serve on My Federal Sentence?

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The typical answer is: 85% of your Federal criminal sentence. But that answer does not take into account the many opportunities to serve significantly less time in a Federal prison or custodial facility.

The reality is that in most instances, unless you have a knowledgeable and persistent criminal defense lawyer representing you as an inmate, your chances of an early release to a lower-level facility, a halfway house, or even back to your home diminish greatly.

We are often asked about parole. There is no parole in the Federal system. So, it is critically important that your lawyer fully understands all options to get you released early. And, understand this: generally speaking, the prison officials don’t really care about you and they rarely take the initiative to help you.

That’s why you need experienced, dedicated lawyers to work on your behalf. Call us – we care and have been successful in getting many of our clients out of custody early.

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