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What to Do If You Have Problems with TSA at Miami International Airport

TSA’s Instagram feed gets a lot of press for displaying publicly stuff people bring to the airport. Miami International Airport is often on their feed for everything from snakes to tropical fish to drugs to weapons. Indeed, it is no surprise to those who have traveled through Miami International Airport and seen the wide variety of people the airport attracts. As a hub for international travel throughout the Caribbean and Latin America, as well as the rest of the world, Miami International Airport is one of the more secure airports in the US and has some very thorough customs officials as well. People use it to connect with cruise lines and international flights, and occasionally run into trouble and have to resort to a Miami lawyer to help them out.

TSA and Civil Penalties: Your Next Steps

So, let’s say you meet a special someone online, and within weeks you are whisked away to an exotic locale. Maybe a cruise. Maybe a spa. Maybe a hut on a secluded beach. They’ve paid for everything: your hotel, your meals, and your plane ticket. And now, lo and behold, this person you’ve known so briefly and yet so well has slipped a prohibited something-or-other into your bag and the TSA defined it as a weapon. What next?

Before you hashtag and share that TSA Instagram, not to mention update and publish a new dating profile, perhaps you should consider reaching out to a Miami lawyer as well. Remember: you always have the right to an attorney present before answering any questions. Although TSA confiscated items are considered to be a violation and not necessarily a criminal act, you may want to avoid the monetary penalty by requesting a formal hearing. A formal TSA hearing regarding the violation means that you will appear with a TSA official before a federal administrative judge to hear the case.

You have 30 days from the violation to respond to the TSA before a final notice is given. You then have 15 days from the date of final notice to respond before the full civil penalty is issued. If you have opted for the formal hearing, it will most likely be at the federal-level in the region of the airport where you were stopped. A Miami lawyer will be your best bet for TSA violations near Miami International Airport.

Let’s say that the TSA escalates the issue and calls in law enforcement to assess possible criminal intent surrounding your item. What next?

TSA and Criminal Activity: What to Do If You Are Reported

TSA can call law enforcement officials after speaking with you for reasons that vary from everything from illegal drugs to large sums of cash. If federal, state or local law enforcement officials are called you have the right to an attorney present before answering any questions. Calmly repeat that you will answer their questions when your lawyer arrives when asked anything by the officials. Do not confront the officer or become aggressive in any way. They may arrive with an arrest warrant. They may ask to search your car if it is parked nearby. An attorney can help you navigate all of these issues.

Traveling carries with it an inherent risk. Know whom you travel with and keep an eye on your baggage at all times. If you become involved with the TSA or law enforcement as a result of your travels through Miami International Airport, reach out to attorney Jeffrey S. Weiner, P.A. immediately to help mitigate any financial or criminal repercussions you may face as a result.

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