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In recent years, South Florida has become a hotbed of what is known as “mortgage fraud.” In actuality, there is no crime known as mortgage fraud. Rather, the term “mortgage fraud” encompasses a series of violations of the United States Code (Federal law) which include wire fraud, bank fraud, defrauding financial institutions, and conspiracy charges related to those offenses. Contact our Miami mortgage fraud attorneys for more information.

Mortgage fraud takes many different forms, from offering “cash back” incentives to buyers and falsifying official documents such as “HUD-1” forms, to simply paying “straw buyers” for their signature and ultimately their credit. I have represented many good people who have been indicted for such acts. They all face a possible federal felony conviction and time in the custody of the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Mortgage fraud is serious business!

What makes the umbrella of “mortgage fraud” so dangerous is that there are so many levels of potential offenders. The federal law enforcement agencies investigating these crimes, often the FBI, pursue the least serious offenders as vigorously as those who are the most culpable. These types of frauds are often charged under the federal conspiracy statute. This means that, often, honest, hard-working people, who were unaware that they were doing anything illegal by providing a signature or receiving an incentive on a property, are held responsible by the federal government for millions of dollars of fraud that they were either entirely unaware of or minimally involved in. Let our Miami mortgage fraud attorneys provide you with more information.

The law involving “mortgage fraud” is so complex that many people end up facing criminal charges for offenses that are far more serious than they could have ever imagined. If, at any time, you are contacted by an investigator or federal agent regarding a housing purchase or investment you have made, it is essential that you exercise your right to remain silent and the right to have counsel. Even if you believe you have done nothing wrong, the assistance of a skilled and knowledgeable criminal lawyer is essential.

Contact Our Experienced Miami Mortgage Fraud Attorneys

I have been successful in representing individuals charged with committing crimes relating to Miami mortgage fraud. Banks have lost millions of dollars as a result of the alleged illegal activities causing people to be indicted. Some people charged are actually innocent! Unless your mortgage fraud attorney is successful in convincing the federal prosecutor (an Assistant United States Attorney) of your innocence, or of their probable inability to obtain a conviction against you, you will probably be offered an “opportunity” to plead guilty, or be indicted. Your nightmare will have begun. You can’t “go it” alone. You need the best Miami mortgage fraud attorney to represent you. I can help you. Contact my law firm for an appointment with me. There is no charge for an initial consultation.

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