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Law school is stressful and most people face the challenges of a legal education with the intention and hope of becoming a licensed attorney. In order to do so in Florida, you must pass the bar examination, which is grueling in itself. However, equally important to obtaining your law license is that the Florida Board of Bar Examiners (FBBE) must determine that you have the “character and fitness” to be an attorney in our state.  If the FBBE has any doubts about your past or current actions, you may face complications and delays in the bar admissions process and you may even be denied a law license. Both of these situations can have an exceptional effect on your career and reputation and you want to avoid them whenever possible. If the FBBE has contacted you regarding a possible issue or even if you have preemptive concerns about bar admission, you should consult with an experienced Miami bar admissions attorney as soon as possible.

Character and Fitness Concerns

The FBBE carefully reviews the application and background of every single applicant who applies for a Florida law license. You should never think that there is a chance that an admissions officer will merely skim or will miss something on your application – this is not the case. Some of the matters an admission officer will examine include:

  • Past criminal convictions;
  • Failure to file or pay taxes;
  • Failure to pay debt obligations;
  • Job history and any terminations for misconduct;
  • Litigation in which you were involved;
  • Any discrepancies with the information provided on your law school application.

Any issues with the above may raise a red flag for your file and the FBBE may require additional information, may want to ask you questions over the phone or in person, or may even call you in for a hearing in front of the Board.

Too many law students think they can mask questionable past behaviors by making slight omissions or by fudging information on their applications. This is a huge mistake, however, as the FBBE views dishonesty on your application as one of the most intolerable acts. Rest assured that you cannot hide past discretions from the FBBE, as any suspected omissions will simply spark further investigation into your background. Instead, if you have concerns, seeking the help of a Florida bar admissions lawyer is the best course of action.

How a Bar Admissions Attorney Can Help

An attorney can assist you throughout the admissions process in the following ways, among others:

  • Review your background and advise you on the best way to present your information to the Board;
  • Help you demonstrate rehabilitation from any past indiscretions;
  • Represent you in interviews or hearings with the Board so you do not unintentionally say anything that may harm your case.
  • Help you to appeal a denial.

Discuss Your Situation with an Experienced Miami Bar Admissions Attorney Today

If you have any questions or concerns about the Florida character and fitness process, the Miami bar admissions attorneys at the law office of Jeffrey S. Weiner, P.A. are here to help. Please contact us at 305-670-9919 to learn more about how we can assist you.

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