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Florida Declared One of the Most Dangerous States

As reported by FOX 13 in Memphis, a recent study conducted by 24/7 Wall Street finds that Florida is one of the most dangerous states in the United States. Seven of the 21 Florida cities examined have violent crime rates (that is, the number of violent crimes that occur per 100,000 people) that are double the average U.S. violent crime rate. Daytona Beach and Fort Myers were identified as the most dangerous Florida cities: Each city had 1,100 violent criminal acts per 100,000 people. The study identified Florida as the fifth-most dangerous state overall: Alaska, Nevada, Tennessee, and New Mexico all had rates higher than Florida.

Common Violent Crimes in Florida

A “violent crime” can be generally defined as any criminal act that results in an injury, death, or other harm to the body or personal security of another person. While a homicide offense (murder or manslaughter, for example) and battery (intentionally striking another person) are obvious examples of violent crimes, a violent crime can also include:

  • Robbery, which occurs when a person steals the belongings of another but does so with force (snatches a purse from someone’s hand, for instance) or the threat of force (“Give me your money or I’ll hurt you!”);
  • Assault/Threats that place another person in fear for their safety or the safety of another person;
  • Sexual crimes, which can be considered violent crimes, especially if the sexual assault or other sexual crime is carried out through force or the threat of force.

“Violent Crimes” Can be Prosecuted Differently Than Other Crimes

Whenever a victim is involved in a case, prosecuting attorneys tend to consider the victim’s wishes when deciding whether to proceed to trial with a case or whether to dispose of the case in some other fashion. When the defendant is alleged to have committed a “violent crime,” prosecutors can be even more zealous to try and convict the defendant, even if the victim him- or herself is not interested in prosecuting the defendant. Prosecutors may be under community or self-imposed pressure to “send a message” to violent offenders and those thinking of committing violent offenses.

Defending Yourself Against Violent Crime Charges

Defeating violent criminal charges can appear to be difficult as there may be eyewitness evidence, fingerprint evidence, DNA evidence, and/or photographic evidence that puts you at the scene of the crime. But this evidence may not be as conclusive as it appears. A skilled Miami criminal defense attorney can examine and argue that:

  • Eyewitnesses were mistaken in identifying you as the perpetrator;
  • Fingerprints were not properly collected; and/or
  • DNA evidence does not speak to whether any contact was consensual or who may have been the aggressor in a fight.

This is why Florida residents charged with violent crimes should seek the assistance of experienced South Florida criminal defense attorney Jeffrey S. Weiner. He will apply his experience and knowledge to your violent crime case, providing a solid and well-researched defense for his clients against prosecutors who may be eager to make an example you. Contact his office today by calling (305) 670-9919 or contact him online today.

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