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A Lawyer Specializing in Drug Crimes

Considering that the government is spending huge resources in arresting and prosecuting drug criminals, the charges are certainly devastating. Jeffrey S. Weiner, PA. however, got your back. We have a team of professional criminal defense lawyers in Miami that specialize in handling drug charges. We offer comprehensive legal representation services for both drug crimes and drug-related charges. See more here.

We Represent Individuals Who Are Prosecuted For:

  • Cultivation, Growing, and Manufacture of drugs
  • Possessing some illegal drugs with the intent to distribute them
  • Trafficking narcotics
  • Importing illegal drugs
  • Distributing drugs

Extensive Experience

Our criminal defense lawyers in Miami, have been in the industry for more than forty years. They have successfully represented multiple drug charges. This means that they’ve gained extensive experience in the legal industry. Our lawyers also continue advancing their knowledge through continued education and training. This helps us to keep up with the changing times and nature of the cases. This way, we’re fully prepared to get the best results in every case that we handle. See here for information about Criminal Defense Lawyers Miami.

Drug offenses can land you in penalties that will negatively impact your entire future. This won’t be the case when you hire our lawyers to represent you. Contact us at (305) 670-9919 to schedule a free consultation.

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