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Colorado Federal Environmental Crime Attorney

For well over 40 years, Jeffrey S. Weiner has represented individuals and businesses who have been charged with federal environmental crimes. He has gone up against local federal prosecutors’ offices and the U.S. Department of Justice, and has provided overwhelmingly successful outcomes for countless clients in that time period. Environmental crimes involve violations of air, water, energy, ground soil, transportation of waste, disposal, and more. Most crimes involve an element of willful and knowing intent–the defendant allegedly knew that they were committing an offense or that their actions would likely lead to the commission of a crime. However, environmental crimes do not always work that way. Even if the defendant had no knowledge of committing a violation, they can still be charged and sentenced to jail or prison. Negligence alone can constitute an environmental crime. These are termed “strict liability crimes.” You or your business could be crippled for unknowingly or unwillingly breaking the law. Contact our Colorado federal environmental crime attorney to learn more today.

Special Agents of the EPA and Recent Environmental Disasters

In total, there are four categories of federal environmental crimes: pollution crimes, wildlife crimes, animal welfare crimes, and worker safety crimes. With many recent, serious environmental catastrophes taking place, including the Flint drinking water catastrophe in which the residents of Flint, Michigan were drinking lead-contaminated water for a long period of time while the local government knew about it, federal authorities are on high alert these days. The Special Agents of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)are highly trained law enforcement personnel who make arrests, work with sophisticated science and technology. When you go up against the federal government, that has immense time, resources, and technology at its disposal, you need an attorney that can equal and better this juggernaut both in and out of court.

Common Types of Federal Environmental Crimes

The environment is protected by local, state, and federal law. These laws are designed to protect the natural world, its resources, and the communities that depend upon them. Federal environmental crimes include, though are not limited to, the following, according to the EPA and the Office of the United States Attorneys:

  • Illegal transportation or disposal of hazardous or toxic waste or materials;
  • Importing regulated chemicals into the U.S. without permission;
  • Exporting hazardous materials into another country without that country’s permission;
  • Tampering with drinking water;
  • Illegal discharge of polluting materials into a U.S. water way;
  • Violations of asbestos removal and disposal laws and regulations;
  • Money laundering in regards to environmental violations;
  • Mail or wire fraud;
  • Conspiracy;
  • Unlawful noise pollution;
  • Air quality violations from manufacturing plants, energy production, etc.;
  • Crimes against protected wildlife;
  • Inhumane acts to animals (animal welfare crimes); and
  • Worker safety crimes.

Call Colorado Federal Environmental Crime Attorney Jeffrey S. Weiner Today for Legal Help

Whether you are facing federal investigation or have already been charged with a violation against the environment, it is in your best interest to contact a Colorado federal environmental crime attorney immediately. Reach out to Jeffrey S. Weiner today for legal defense.

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