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It is not uncommon for federal or state law enforcement agents to make an arrest on a Friday afternoon, during the early hours of the morning, or right before a holiday. This is done to maximize the amount of time the arrested person has to spend in jail. Not only does this serve as a threat and a form of punishment all in of itself, but it increases the likelihood that the person will say something to accidentally incriminate themselves or give a confession, whether the person meant to or not. It is best to hire a Colorado federal bail bonds attorney and get out of jail as quickly as possible to avoid harassment, punishment for an offense that you did not commit, and to decrease the risk of accidentally saying something to jeopardize your future freedom. Posting bail or bond is an important step to take for anyone who must face the criminal justice department.

Posting Bail

For less serious crimes, or for defendants who the state or federal government believes to be of little flight risk, an option for being released after booking is on the defendant’s own recognizance, which is a written promise that they will appear in court on and at the specified date and time. Barring the defendant’s release on their own recognizance, they may be released on bail under 18 U.S. Code § 3142. Bail is essentially a financial promise that you will show up in court at the appropriate time for your hearing. It is a sum of money provided by you, a family member, a close friend, or a bondsman. If you do not show up in court, you or the person who posts bail will forfeit that money to the court. The “Eighth Amendment does not grant absolute right to bail,” according to the Supreme Court, and bail may be denied in some circumstances.

Bond Agencies

Bail for a minor crime might be a few thousand dollars, though for a more serious offense, bail can reach into the six and even seven digits. Most people do not have hundreds of thousands of dollars just sitting around, and remaining in jail for months on end is not a viable solution to their financial problem at hand. Because of this, bond agencies exist. A bond agency will post your bail to the court and will be held financially responsible for you if you fail to show up in court. Being released on the lowest bond is important not only because of the risk of losing it, but because the bond agent requires a fee for their services. This fee is a percentage of the bail amount, which is about 15 percent. For example, if you were released on bail of $200,000 and the fee percentage was 15 percent, you would have to pay the bond agent $30,000, and would also likely have to provide collateral for the remaining amount.

Call a Colorado Federal Bail Bonds Attorney Today

As part of their services, an experienced Colorado federal crimes defense attorney will coordinate everything between the bond agency, your family, and anyone else necessary to ensure that you are released as soon as possible, with the lowest possible bail, and with a trusted and economical bond agency. Contact Jeffrey S. Weiner today for help with your case.

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