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Notary Misconduct

By Jeffrey S. Weiner |

Although many people are less familiar with white collar crime than they are with non-economic based offenses, most have at least heard of embezzlement and extortion. Very few people on the other hand, are aware that notary misconduct can also qualify as a white collar crime and that defendants who are convicted face serious… Read More »


Federal Gun and Weapons Charges in Florida

By Jeffrey S. Weiner |

Under federal law, those who possess a weapon during the commission of a crime can be charged with additional offenses or receive a much harsher sentence. This is true even if the individual did not use the weapon during the commission of the alleged offense, but only had it in his or her possession,… Read More »


Conspiracy to Commit Wire or Mail Fraud

By Jeffrey S. Weiner |

Someone convicted of wire or mail fraud faces serious penalties. However, it is not even necessary to actually complete a fraudulent act in order to be convicted of federal fraud charges. This is because it is possible to be charged with a conspiracy to commit wire or mail fraud, which is also punishable by… Read More »


Accounting Fraud

By Jeffrey S. Weiner |

Accounting fraud is defined as the deliberate manipulation or misrepresentation of financial records regarding sales, expenses, or revenue in an effort to make a business’s financial condition appear better than it actually is. Unfortunately, many companies are unaware that their acts constituted accounting fraud when they are charged with this offense, which can lead… Read More »


Check Kiting

By Jeffrey S. Weiner |

Issuing worthless checks in Florida is considered a serious crime and those who are convicted of this offense, which is commonly referred to as check kiting, can be sentenced to up to five years in prison. For this reason, it is critical that those who are accused of check kiting contact an experienced white… Read More »


Federal Hate Crimes

By Jeffrey S. Weiner |

Federal law prohibits U.S. residents from causing a bodily injury to another because of that person’s race, color, religion, or another protected characteristic. Those who are accused of hate crimes face a series of harsh penalties, including life in prison, so if you have been charged with a hate crime, it is crucial to… Read More »


Copyright Infringement

By Jeffrey S. Weiner |

Copyrights give authors and other artists the sole right to publish and sell their work. Generally, copyrights remain effective for the term of the holder’s life unless he or she chooses to sell or grant the rights that accompany it to someone else. When a person or entity uses a copyrighted work without permission,… Read More »


Mass-Marketing Fraud

By Jeffrey S. Weiner |

Fraud schemes that involve the use of at least one mass communication method can lead to charges of mass-marketing fraud. Mass-marketing fraud is aggressively prosecuted by the federal government, so if you are currently being investigated for involvement in a large scale fraud-related scheme, it is crucial to retain an experienced white collar crime… Read More »


Violating the Terms of Federal Probation

By Jeffrey S. Weiner |

In an effort to reduce the number of inmates being held in correctional facilities across the country, prosecutors often give individuals who are convicted of low level crimes the opportunity to serve a term of probation rather than face additional imprisonment. Unfortunately, probation requirements are complex and many probationers have difficulty complying with all… Read More »


Pension Fraud

By Jeffrey S. Weiner |

Pension funds are made up of contributions from employers, unions, or other organizations and are intended to provide retirement benefits to employees. Unfortunately, pension funds are often targeted by those involved in fraudulent activity and in an effort to crackdown on white collar crime, many innocent people are charged with pension fund fraud. Having… Read More »

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